Monthly Masterclass and Pediatric LIFT-ECHO Coming Soon

We are currently in the process of developing two additional intestinal failure ECHO projects: a Pediatric LIFT-ECHO, and a Masterclass LIFT-ECHO. Each will be held once a month, on the weeks in between LIFT-ECHO. 

Our ultimate goal is to have the full module for LIFT-ECHO, including 8 sessions (held every other week) with 8 didactics and 8 case studies. At the end of those weeks, participants will have completed “ECHO 101”. At that point, they may join our monthly Masterclass, where they can present more complex cases, hear higher didactics, etc. Additionally, the Pediatric LIFT-ECHO will be available for clinicians with pediatric patients. With LIFT-ECHO held twice a month, and the pediatric and masterclass each held monthly, there will be an intestinal failure ECHO offered every week. 

Altogether, we hope these three ECHO projects will help adequately addresses the complexity of intestinal failure and the specificity of treatment. 

Additional details on dates and topics to follow.