Learn Intestinal Failure TeleECHO Clinic

The Learn Intestinal Failure Tele-ECHO clinic (LIFT-ECHO)—launched by Dr. Kishore Iyer at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York—is a free online community of medical professionals dedicated to supporting the treatment and management of patients with Intestinal Failure. LIFT-ECHO utilizes the ECHO® model, which links specialist teams at academic ‘hubs’ with primary care clinicians or other non-specialists in local communities (the ‘spokes’ of the model).

Together, hubs and spokes meet during scheduled, web-based teleECHO clinics, which are like virtual grand rounds combined with mentoring and case presentations. They are fully HIPAA-compliant and supported by widely available basic teleconferencing technology, made available at no cost to participating clinicians.

During teleECHO clinics, non-specialist clinicians from multiple sites can present patient cases to the specialist teams and to each other, discuss developments relating to their patients and together determine the best course of treatment.

Hub and spoke model