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The Learn Intestinal Failure TeleECHO Clinic (LIFT-ECHO)—launched by Kishore Iyer, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York—is an online community of medical professionals dedicated to supporting the treatment and management of intestinal failure patients.

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June 21, 2019
We are developing two additional intestinal failure ECHO projects: a Pediatric LIFT-ECHO, and a Masterclass LIFT-ECHO. Each will be held once a month, on the weeks in between LIFT-ECHO.
June 19, 2019
As of June 18th, LIFT-ECHO has held a total of four clinics, which means we are officially halfway through our first 8-session module! So far, the enthusiasm we’ve received from our spokes has far exceeded our expectations.

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Jan 21

1PM - 2PM ET

French National Experience with Teduglutide: Lessons Learned

Francisca Joly, MD
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Describe the use of growth factors in SBS/IF
  2. Identify contraindications to use of growth factors in SBS/IF
  3. Analyze current real-world experience with use of growth factor therapy in SBS/IF

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Probiotics and Intestinal Adaptation

Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Describe the interplay of probiotics and intestinal adaptation
  2. Summarize the role of short chain fatty acids and diet in intestinal adaptation
  3. Identify current areas of research in intestinal adaptation

Psychosocial Challenges in IF and Transplant

Mary Brosnan, LCSW
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Identify the psycho-social determinants of outcome in patients with intestinal failure
  2. Describe the support mechanisms required for patients with IF
  3. Summarize the need for psycho-social support in overall care of patients with short bowel syndrome and/or IF