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The Learn Intestinal Failure TeleECHO Clinic (LIFT-ECHO)—launched by Kishore Iyer, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York—is an online community of medical professionals dedicated to supporting the treatment and management of intestinal failure patients.

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Quality of Life in Home Parenteral Nutrition and Short Bowel Syndrome

Marion Winkler, RD, PhD, FASPEN
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Evaluate quality of life (QoL) in intestinal failure and HPN patients
  2. Use qualitative approaches to study QoL of intestinal failure patients
  3. Summarize outcomes for current QoL studies in IF

Principles of Intestinal Failure (IF) Management: The Patient with High Stoma Output

Jeremy Nightingale, MD
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Describe the clinical features of patients with SBS-IF and jejunostomies
  2. Discuss the steps in medical treatment of the high output stoma patient
  3. Summarize current outcomes in this group of patients

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Jun 16

1PM - 2PM ET

Intestinal Failure: Lessons from Latin America

Gabriel Gondolesi, MD
Learning objectives for this presentation:
  1. Understand the prevelance of SBS/IF treatments in South America
  2. Describe outcomes of IF in under-resourced geographies 
  3. Understand approaches to developing IF expertise in emerging geographies 

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February 26, 2020

How much do you know about intestinal failure? We have just released a short (20 question multiple choice) quiz based on material from our didactic presentations.

We are offering a number of CASH PRIZES for completing the quiz, including a Grand Prize of $400 for the first entry to score 100%. Additionally, all complete entries will be entered into a lottery for two chances to win $200. For info on how to participate, please email us at info@liftecho.org.

June 21, 2019

We are currently in the process of developing a monthly pediatric LIFT-ECHO clinic, specifically designed to help pediatric patients with intestinal failure. In addition to our regular biweekly LIFT-ECHO sessions, we plan to hold a third Peds LIFT-ECHO on the second Tuesday of each month, which will focus on non-adult IF cases and didactics. Additional details on dates and topics to follow.