LIFT-ECHO is in Full Swing!

As of June 18th, LIFT-ECHO has held a total of four clinics, which means we are officially halfway through our first 8-session module!

So far, the enthusiasm we’ve received from our spokes has far exceeded our expectations. We’ve had over fifty participants at each of the sessions, not only from across the US (34 of the 50 states, to be exact), but from around the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, England, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates). When these participants were asked in an anonymous survey if they planned to return to attend another session, 100% of responders said yes. 

We are grateful for the interest and feedback we’ve received thus far, and are optimistic that LIFT-ECHO will continue to grow and improve. If you are interested in joining our project or would like to present a case, please feel free to reach out.