Feeding Difficulties and Interventions in Pediatric Intestinal Failure

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Summarize the risk factor paradigm for feeding difficulties in pediatric IF
  2. Interpret the available literature on the prevalence of feeding difficulties in IF
  3. Discuss the limitations of applying current feeding disorder definitions to pediatric IF
  4. Propose a definition for pediatric intestinal failure associated feeding disorder (PIFAFD)

Lock Therapy for Central Venous Catheters in Pediatric Intestinal Failure

  • Review the available options for lock therapy for central venous catheters
  • Review the available data and experience with sodium bicarbonate locks for central venous catheters
  • Discuss a potential multicenter trial to assess the safety and efficacy of sodium bicarbonate locks for central venous catheters in pediatric intestinal failure patients